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About Us

The second oldest university in Thailand, Thammasat was founded in 1933. It is one of Thailand’s leading institutions of higher learning with an enrollment of over 20,000 students. The university takes pride in its long tradition of being at the forefront of higher education and in combining academic excellence with cultural, political and social awareness and innovative thinking.

Faculty of Liberal Arts

The Faculty of Liberal Arts was founded in 1961. Its guiding philosophy was a bold innovation in the field of higher education: to provide a form of education in the humanities so as to promote knowledge and understanding of humans in their social, cultural and natural environments. To this end, the Faculty initiated an interdisciplinary programme of broad-based integrated foundation courses for all faculties at Thammasat. This radical initiative later became a compulsory basis of higher education at all universities in Thailand.

The Faculty is now one of the largest faculties at Thammasat, with an enrolment of approximately 1,500 students at the undergraduate level and almost 500 at the postgraduate level. It offers a broad range of academic programmes in the humanities, with a strong emphasis on languages and culture.

The English Department

Since its founding almost 4 decades ago, the Department of English,Thammasat University, has long been recognized as one of the leading English departments in Thailand. With a full-time faculty numbering over forty, the Department now offers a wide range of courses in English skills, linguistics, literature and culture necessary for students’ thorough understanding of the English language both at undergraduate and graduate levels. Graduates of the Thammasat Department of English have constantly made themselves known in various sectors both in Thailand and internationally.

What is unique about the M.A. and Ph.D. in English Studies

International Programme

The M.A. and Ph.D. in English Studies is an innovative programme recently established by the English Department, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat. The programme is designed to provide a high-quality and flexible South-East Asian international alternative for M.A. and Ph.D. English Studies.

One Programme, three study tracks:

After studying our core courses, students in both the MA or PhD programme elect to follow a course of study that focuses on one of three main tracks, depending on their particular interest:

  • Applied Linguistics
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Literary Studies

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